How do you enhance your aviation operations?

skybook is designed to improve communication, efficiency and access to data throughout your airline, airport or ground handling operations.

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Streamline flight operations by providing up to date flight dispatch & briefing information to dispatchers, ops, flight crew and any other member of staff, when and where they need it.

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Used as a general purpose briefing kiosk skybook helps build positive reputation and relationships with airport users and ensures your airport adheres to laid down standards.

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Ground Handlers

Provide consistent flight briefings to your airline customers & keep your turnarounds on target, freeing up time, allowing your ground handlers to get on with more important activities.

Keep your flight data to hand on any device … or as a paper hardcopy

Why do you need skybook aviation cloud?

skybook takes the operational processes you are used to and breaks them down into simple modules. All you need to do is choose which ones will make your operations easier to manage and more efficient.

Icon of a magnifying glass over an airfield to represent skybook's Airfield Watch module. Aviation weather METAR, aviation weather services, aviation weather forecast.

Airfield Watch

What if there was a tool that monitored the WX and NOTAM at the airfields were flying to, alerting you to any major changes, so that you didn’t have to? Wouldn’t that improve your flight operations?

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Flight Briefing

Provide consistent, accurate and filtered flight briefing material to your users wherever they are in the world, either in hardcopy format or on any mobile device.

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Crew Notices & Library

Author, send, receive, store, audit and report against crew notices and digital library documentation. Have evidence for your authorities that information has been acknowledged.

Icon of a world map to represent skybook's ETOPS Charting & Route Plots module. ETOPS, route planning, aviation apps.

ETOPS Charting & Route Plots

skybook produces ETOPS charts and Route plots automatically based on information from your OFP (Optimised Flight Plan), removing manual plotting costs and creating data rich charts.

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Flight Dispatch

skybook confirms that all the essential information is in place to ensure your flight crews and ops staff have all the information they require. Cutting down costly voice communications and data errors.

Icon of a chart to represent skybook's Reporting & Analytics module. Aviation insights, digital aviation.

Reporting & Analytics

skybook maintains a central database of your flight data, providing analysis and measurable insights into your flight operations; invaluable for making informed strategic decisions.

Icon of people together to represent skybook's Crew Roster Integration module. Flight Crew, aviation software.

Crew Roster Integration

We create an amazing link between your Crew rostering system and the people flying your aircraft, opening up a world of opportunity for getting information to and from your colleagues.

Icon of a spanner and cog to represent skybook's Systems Integration module. Digital aviation, aviation apps, aircraft maintenance.

Systems Integration

One system to manage all of your information. skybook brings all of your data together, making it easy to find the information you need, acting as the glue between your systems.

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Bespoke Modules

If you have a requirement that’s not met by one of our existing modules, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. We’d love to hear from you.