Monitoring airfields for planning and operations should be easy.

Airfield Watch liberates your Ops staff from the relentless grind of monitoring airfield information,
keeping a close eye on things so you don't have to.


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Benefit from our comprehensive database of WX & NOTAM to obtain the full picture of the situation at airfields you’re monitoring. Preparing you to react quickly and intelligently to potential schedule disruptions.



Free up hours of time spent manually monitoring your airfields with automatic tracking, allowing you to manage time more effectively for a more efficient operation.

Up To Date

Up to date

All information generated by skybook updates in real time, keeping you constantly in the know and fully up to date with the latest information.

Clearly Visualised

Clearly visualised

skybook Airfield Watch visualises your information clearly, with an intuitive interface that's incredibly simple to use.

Key features


Airfield Watch provides you with clear METAR and TAF information, allowing you to plan, adapt and react to changes at airfields you are flying to.


NOTAM and SNOWTAM updates are presented clearly and in the industry standard format to be easily read and understood by Flight Crew, Flight Ops, Ground Handlers, Aircraft Performance Engineers, Flight Briefing Officers and Dispatchers.

On-screen notifications

Whenever a change occurs at one of your monitored airfields that could impact on your flight operations, skybook will alert you to this with clear on-screen notifications, enabling you to react efficiently and effectively.

Intuitive views of your airfields

skybook provides a range of coherent, carefully structured views of your chosen airfields to monitor; presenting information in an easy to digest format to ensure that nothing important is missed and you’re always up to date.


Tracking all of the airfields you need to be aware of can be tough. skybook makes this simple. Depending on your level of Airfield Watch subscription, skybook tracks a number of your chosen airfields at any given time. And even more, if you go Pro, skybook will automatically select the airfields that are significant to you based on your set preferences and information from your OFP (Optimised Flight Plan). 

Airfield Watch automatically monitors the Departure, Destinations and Alternates for all flights that are relevant to you. Whenever a change occurs that could impact on your flight operations, skybook will alert you, presenting alerts based on the familiar green, amber, red traffic light sequence. 

All METAR, TAF and NOTAM received for your airfields are analysed by skybook the second they are received, generating on-screen notifications, emails and SMS to keep you in the loop. Whether it’s the current situation at your airfields, or the predicted forecast for the next few hours, all information displayed by skybook is fully analysed and updated in real time. 

skybook graphically presents the situation at airfields significant to you. Easy to read and presented in a number of ways including intuitive GRID, List, and 2D Map views of your chosen airfields; all easily customisable and simple to use with tools including sliders allowing you to set all the parameters for which you want to receive alerts.

For example, if the RVR (Runway Visual Range) at one of your tracked airfields falls below a level set by you, skybook will alert you so that you can react accordingly. 

We’re committed and we mean it.

We want you to have the best experience using skybook,
so this is our commitment to you:

Centralise Control


We monitor our systems 24/7 to provide up to date, accurate data to help you with your flight operations.

Digital Crew Notices


All of the information provided by skybook is obtained through official aviation data sources and flows directly into our data centres.



skybook has been tried, tested and approved by multiple CAA’s, EUROCONTROL, FAA, and the UK met office.