Notices that are easy to create and a Library that’s easy to maintain.

With skybook you can create digital versions of your Crew Notices, Ops manuals and other paper documents,
making it easier to send, receive and store information throughout your organisation.

Centralise Control

Centralise Control

Keep digital versions of your documents in one place, improving access and making it simple to find the information you require.

Digital Crew Notices

Crew Notices

Send targeted Crew Notices to all or specific members of the Flight Crew, improving communication and increasing awareness.


Regulatory Compliance

Have the evidence to show the authorities that your users have read and acknowledged documentation that has been sent to them.

Key features


Using skybook enables you to arrange your Notices and document library to fit in with your operations.

Stay up to date

skybook keeps you up to date by alerting you when your library documents or Crew Notices are going to expire.

Remove the paperchase

Reduce your reliance on paper and the associated costs of producing and maintaining paper documents.


Using skybook it’s easy to create Flight Crew Notices (FCN), Flight Safety Notices (FSN), Cabin Crew Notices (CCN) and more depending on your requirements. skybook also automatically alerts your Flight Crew to any notices that are relevant to them, whether on general release, specific to their fleet, or specific to them personally. 

A skybook library is secure, easy to maintain and easy to access, removing the need for hard copies and time spent manually updating them. You can create and maintain your libraries for upload using in-house word processing and publishing software, and download and import third party digital libraries such as Airbus, Boeing, JARS, CAA and IATA. Enabling you to target aircraft and/or individual members of staff. Furthermore, if your libraries are not up to date, skybook will alert so that you are kept aware of the current situation. 

Create and deliver comprehensive audit reports based on your notices and documents, allowing you to pinpoint areas for improvement and make strategic decisions for future direction. As regulation is an important part of operations, skybook enables you to report your audits to the regulatory authorities. 

We’re committed and we mean it.

We want you to have the best experience using skybook,
so this is our commitment to you:

Centralise Control


We monitor our systems 24/7 to provide up to date, accurate data to help you with your flight operations.

Digital Crew Notices


All of the information provided by skybook is obtained through official aviation data sources and flows directly into our data centres.



skybook has been tried, tested and approved by multiple CAA’s, EUROCONTROL, FAA, and the UK Met Office.