How long does it take you to create ETOPS charts?

skybook creates ETOPS charts and Route plots automatically ready for you to access within minutes,
using information from your OFP (Optimised Flight Plan).

Quick and Easy

Quick and easy to create

Using skybook significantly reduces the time taken to create charts. Freeing up Ops and Flight Crew time.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Digital ETOPS and Route plots eliminate the need to for blank charts and the time staff spend plotting them.

Tailored to You

Tailored to you

Information on skybook charts include significant data such as Clear-Air-Turbulence, airfields of interest and more.

Key features

More than your average ETOPS chart

Our ETOPS charts contain all of the standard information you’d expect, but we also add useful touches such as Clear Air Turbulence areas, airfields of interest and snow line indicators. 


Just because we’re an aviation cloud doesn’t mean we can’t do paper when you need it. skybook can create a variety of full colour ETOPS charts in different scales and sizes for both digital and paper use, to accommodate your charting needs whatever they are.


Just to show that we know our stuff, we were the first to be accredited for the automatic production of ETOPS charts by the UK CAA and French DAAC.


Oceans and deserts aren’t the most ideal place to land, so it’s important to be fully prepared for your ETOPS flights. Using skybook will save you hours of time spent manually plotting and removes the costs that come with ordering and purchasing blank charts.

Using skybook you can produce the following ETOPS charts: A3 full colour, A4 full colour, and A3 full colour split across two sheets of A4 paper. skybook ETOPS charts depict range rings, ETPs, airfields of interest, Clear Air Turbulence areas, snow line and much more. 

Our Route Plots provide a clear and simple graphical overview of the route for non-ETOPS flights. Showing your planned route, airfields of interest, Clear Air Turbulence areas and the snow line, plus meteorological issues that Flight Crew should be made aware of. 

All ETOPS charts and Route Plots we produce have been approved by various CAA’s worldwide and can be created in various sizes to suit your specific requirements and hardware. In fact, we were the first to be approved for the automatic production of ETOPS charts by the UK CAA and French DAAC. 

We’re committed and we mean it.

We want you to have the best experience using skybook,
so this is our commitment to you:

Centralise Control


We monitor our systems 24/7 to provide up to date, accurate data to help you with your flight operations.

Digital Crew Notices


All of the information provided by skybook is obtained through official aviation data sources and flows directly into our data centres.



skybook has been tried, tested and approved by multiple CAA’s, EUROCONTROL, FAA, and the UK met office.