skybook keeps you ahead of the curve.

With more interactivity and an intuitive app interface, skybook makes it easier to manage your flight schedule,
staying ahead of your flight sectors to consistently meet STDs and OTP.

Manage Flight Data

Manage flight data

Using skybook you can manage your flight data intelligently through our sophisticated user interface, with a range of views on offer.

Understand Sectors

Manage flight sectors

See the current status of each of your flight sectors in real time to support sophisticated flight scheduling decisions.

Enhanced Awareness

Enhanced awareness

Know when the Flight Crew have checked-in for their flights anywhere in the world and received flight information.

Key features


Manually update your flight data and keep everyone in the loop.

Dynamically updated

Flight data is automatically updated by information skybook receives from other aviation systems.

Internal messaging

Send and receive messages to and from other skybook users including Flight Crew.


skybook provides you with a Schedule List view of your flight sectors. Collating and presenting flight information in a clear, chronological list based on your STD (Scheduled Time of Departure). The columns of information displayed are definable by you and use colour-coding based on the data they hold. 

The Flight Status view presents your sectors chronologically, intelligently displaying them along with their current status. Providing you with a clear overview of the sectors you are working with. 

The Ops Board is a traditional Gantt chart, familiar to Ops staff, which enables you to keep your aircraft on track. 

We’re committed and we mean it.

We want you to have the best experience using skybook,
so this is our commitment to you:

Centralise Control


We monitor our systems 24/7 to provide up to date, accurate data to help you with your flight operations.

Digital Crew Notices


All of the information provided by skybook is obtained through official aviation data sources and flows directly into our data centres.



skybook has been tried, tested and approved by multiple CAA’s, EUROCONTROL, FAA, and the UK met office.

"In an industry where communication is crucial, we strive to facilitate the flow of information within your organisation, making everything simpler, faster and more accessible than ever before."

− Simon Clayton, Operations Director

"skybook as we see it today not only has the same high quality of data, but is now delivered through a super simple to use, responsive front-end. Whether you're on a laptop, tablet or mobile the quality is constant."

− Dave Whitehead, UX Architect

"skybook takes the perceived risk attached to 'going digital' and flips it. With a modular structure, users can handpick from skybook modules as and when they need them. Defining their own approach and taking manageable steps towards a more efficient, sustainable operation."

− Josh Ryan Gill, Digital Marketing