If you’re ready for Systems Integration then we’ve already come a long way together.

skybook brings all of your data into one central repository of flight information;
realising a dream for aviation professionals all around the world.

Improved Access

Improved access

Save time by receiving the flight information you need from one place, rather than having to search through multiple systems.

Delivered to you

Delivered to you

Receive the information you need, when and where you need it. Never miss  important updates relating to your flight operations.

Highly Flexible

Highly flexible

skybook will integrate with any of your existing systems to bring your information into one easily accessible, intuitive repository.

Key features

Web-based API

Our simple to use, easy to implement web-based API allows data from your existing and third party systems to be integrated with skybook, making it as simple as possible to bring you the benefits of full integration. 

Receive data from any system

Our support team of experienced and talented developers are on hand to integrate any of your existing systems with skybook, making sure that it is easy for you to access all the data you need from one accessible and simple to use system.

Send data to any system

It works the other way too. skybook is also capable of sending flight data to any of your existing systems to make sure you get the most out of your operations.


With so much data flowing throughout your operation and staff requiring access at so many different levels, using various systems to manage your data can lead to issues with accessibility when information is most needed.

skybook ensures that the right data is available at the right place for you at the right time. Not to mention, skybook’s data is always up to date and tailored to your requirements.

Our API is the most efficient method of integrating your information into skybook. Data from your systems can be automatically transmitted to skybook for inclusion in its database. Information from skybook can also be distributed to your own systems. 
By fully integrating with skybook, the benefits will be echoed throughout your flight operations, including Crew rostering, flight scheduling, maintenance, flight planning and accounts management.


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